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Large Public Auction
Saturday October 26th 2013 - 10:00 AM
Inspection Time of 9:00 AM
- for -
Wausaukee Composites
Fairgrounds property, Downtown Wausaukee, Wi Watch for Auction Today signs!!!!!!
What a auction with new items being added everyday. Something for everyone.

Because of continued growth and new purchases, we will be selling the following equipment, at Auction.

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Vehicles & Trailers: Ford 1999 F350 4 door king cab 7.3 Diesel V8 with newer engine, and torque convertor, 1995 40'- 3 axle 21,000 lbs 5th wheel flat bed Trailer, 16 ' Tandem axle flatbed trailer, 4 X 8 Letter Sign with letters , on a trailer, Small Grader Trailer with tines.

2 Fork Lifts: Clark 7,000 lb Model C550y70, Yard lift, Dual Front Wheels, Foam Filled Tires, Clark 5,000 lb Fork Lift, LP gas operated.

Beams & Trolleys: 7.5"X7.6" I Beams-17" X 16' long, 17" X 35' long, 17" X 45' long, 4-15" X 10' I Beams, 1-9"X20'I beam, 8-17"X25" I Beams, 1-7"X20' I Beam, Several 6" square, 1/4 " X 18' long Tubing, 1 Large & 1 Small Trolley, Motorized, Trolley Misc.3 Ton Chain Hoist, 10-11"X20' Channel Iron, Several 1"X16' Solid Round Bars, Jib Frames, 6" Sq Tubing, 20"dia. 1/2" X 16' long pipe.

Shop Equipment & Misc.: Cement Mixer, Dollies, Dayton Ban Saw, Miller Syncrowave Welder, Milwaukee Stand Grinder, Miller Wire Feed & Stick Welders, Mainsfield Pressure Regulars, Presto Model XS Scissor Lift, Quincy 25 hp Screw Air Compressor, Wilton Hydro Box & Wrap Machine, Wilton 30 amp. 10 hp Hydro Pump, Jet Disc & Belt Sander 1 1/2 hp grinder w wire wheel on stand, Lillte Still for distilling acetone, Grayson G5200 High Shear Mis Station with 5hp moter, Baldon 50 hp Moter, Rigid 300 Pipe Thread with adjustible threader, reamers, foot peddle, Torit 2529 Dust Collection System, Craftsman 2 sp. Band Saw, Water Temp Controllers, Gel Coat Sprayers, Hydro Lift Dollt, Scale, Power Mig Lincoln 255 amp Welder,Dust Collector Unit, Chop Saw,Econ Line Sand Blaster with cabinet, Paper Plotter, Ban Saw Table saw, 8 " Bench Grinder, 50 Gal Vertical Air Tanks, Shop Lights, Cabinets, Cable, Wire, Shelving, Dust Pans, Lockers 4 place 55 Gal Drum Stand, Pumps, Hoses, 8 Vacume Pumps, Rolls of Fiberglass, 8 Boses of 264 sq X 3/8" Balsa Wood, Air Pressure Regulars, Air Dryers, Air Tools, Trash Cans, Water Temp Controllers, Motors, Gell Pumps for gel Coating of Paint Spraying, Parts Washer, Racks With lifts, Air lift Table, Large Lift Rack, Larg & Small Vertical Air Compressor tank, 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist with Dolly, Portable Dock Semi Unloader, Lots of Metal Racks, Metal Wire Bins, Carts, Work Benches, Large Vises, Radiator for Windmill, Many Galvanized Ceiling Racks, 100's of feet of metal Pallet Racking, inspection equipment, video cameras.

Many Loaded Pallets: 900 lb. of scrap SS, SS Nuts & Screws, Lots of Scrap Motors, Pallet full of old house wrap, Many Pieces of Foam, Scrap Tools, Hard Hats, 6" X 6" X 4" Blocks of Foam. Welders, 6' Garage Doors, Gel Pumps, Duct Work, Galvanized Metal & Pipes, Many Water Traps & Air Pressure Regulars, Roll of Carbon Fiber, Orange Plactic Fencing, Lexton Rings, Cases of Locks & Hinges, Boxes of Handi Cap Rails, Windows, Misc. Hardware, Vacuum Pumps, Platform Scales, Grinding Wheels, Steel Plated Grates, Scrap Metal.

Office Equipment: Desks, Office Chairs, Seat Backs, TV's Microwave, Cadence, Large Fiberglass Table top,

COMMENTS: Bring your truck or trailer, we will have free loading available the day of sale.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash, Credit Card, or check with letter of guarantee from Bank guaranteeing your check. 10 per cent buyer fee charged on all purchases, 3 credit card convenience fee.

Wisconsin registered Auctioneers # 823 & 842
COL. James Ehmer - COL. Richard Burgess

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Phone: (715)324-5599
Wisconsin Michigan Auction company