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Saturday November 10th 2007 - 10:30 AM
Inspection Time of 9:30 AM
- for -
Down Town Pembine, next to Pembine Consignment.
Over 50 firearms to be sold!!!!

To settle the estates, we have been contracted to liquidate all items!!!

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FIREARMS: PARTIAL LIST TO INCLUDE Pottsdam .69 cal musket, Mossburg 500A 12 lever, Ithaca 66 12 ga pump, H&R 12 ga. Single shot, Armory 12 ga. single shot, Spencer 12 ga single shot, Ranger precision grade 12 ga side by side, Central Arms 12 ga single shot, Parker Double barrel 12 ga, New haven 12 ga model 600 pump, old double barrel 12 ga,, Powell & Sons Double barrel side by side w/ hammers black powder, American gun co 12 ga side by side, Marlin 12 ga pump, New Haven bolt 20 ga., Winchester model 64 pre-64 32 cal lever, Winchester model 94 30-30 pre-64, Star 410 single shot, Winchester 92 32 cal Octagon barrel, Marlin 795 Marlin 22 suto, Remington 511 22, Remington model 24 22, Savage 954 22 auto, Stevens visibile loader, Remington 721 bolt 270 cal w/scope, Rey-Noc 22 single shot, Coast to Coast model 288R 12 ga pump, Ben Franklin pellet pistol, Butler Arms single shot 36 cal nickle w/ pearl grips derringer, Nambo semi-auto pistol 23 groove grip, RG 22 rolvover, H&R 22 target revolver, Winchester model 50 12 12 over under, Savage 30-30 pump, Rossie 12 ga pump, Marlin 12 ga pump, Savage bolt model 93 17 cal, Savage 55 bolt mack 2, Rossie 223 single w/12 ga barrel, CVA 50 cal black power w/scope, Ruger 10-22 semi-auto, Ithaca auto 22, Stogger 410 side by side, SKS w/scope, Remington 870 12 ga with 2 barrels, Several BB and pellet guns, holsters, supplies, etc. plus much more

VEHICLE: 97 Cadillac Seville 4 door.

COMMENTS: A nice collection of firearms.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash or good checks!!! A 10 per cent buyers fee will be charged. All purchasers will be required to fill out form 4473 and pass a backgound check for all firearm purchases. Attention Michigan Handgun buyers, handguns will be transfer to a FFL in your area. Wisconsin handgun buyers will be charged $8.00 in addition to purchase for the Wisconsin Felony check.

Wisconsin registered Auctioneers # 823 & 842
COL. James Ehmer - COL. Richard Burgess

Sales Arranged & Conducted by

Phone: (715)324-5599
Wisconsin Michigan Auction company